Past events

2016 Concert tour to Rouen
We performed concerts in Rouen Cathedral, St Catherine's Church Honfleur and Chartres Cathedral.

2014 Concert tour to Bruges
We stayed in Bruges and performed in Brussels and Ghent. Click here to see photos of the trip.

2012 Concert tour to Paris
To read about our trip click here. View the photos here and here.

2010 Concert tour to Germany
Our trip followed in the footsteps of Bach and we performed in Leipzig, Dresden, Eisenach, Mühlhausen and Arnstadt. To read more about the trip click here

2008 Concert tour to Venice
We performed works by Byrd, Tallis Monteverdi and Viadana in la Chiesa di San Pietro di Castello, SS Giovanni & Paolo, and St George’s Anglican Church and participated in a Mass in St. Marks Basilica. Click here to read a diary of the trip with photographs.

2006 Concert tour to Minsk, Belarus
We travelled to Minsk at the invitation of the UK Ambassador, a former member of the choir and performed four concerts which were received with an outstanding welcome. Click here to read a diary of the trip with photographs.

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